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About me

Professional Coach, Psicologo, Psychologist, Psicoterapeuta, Psychotherapist

Professional in Behavioural Psychology and Professional Coaching member of the Psychological Society of Ireland. I hold an Honours Degree in Psychology (Jaguariuna University - Brazil), a Masters in Applied Behaviour Analysis (Queens University Belfast - Northern Ireland) and a CIPD Certification in Human Resources (National College of Ireland - Ireland).

In the field of Psychology, I have many years of experience in psychotherapy, group therapy, and hypnotherapy, with children, adolescents, and adults working in private counselling and mental health institutions such as Psychosocial Care Centres and non-governmental organizations with individuals from all over the world with different cultural backgrounds. I am also the co-founder of the Psychological Expat Care project that aims to provide support to expatriates facing challenges and difficulties of living abroad.

In the field of Human Resources and Coaching, I have experience in career planning and development and professional orientation where I have conducted workshops in Brazil, Portugal, and Ireland about behavioural performance front to the labour market.

In the Academic environment, I have worked as an Educational Instructor at the Faculty of Psychology in the behaviour analysis laboratory (Brazil), and as a professional advisor for students leaving the university in the professional development office (Portugal).

I place special focus on understanding why we feel and behave as we do, aiming to support changes in unhealthy behaviour patterns, My work ranges from anxiety, depression and phobias, to relationship difficulties and daily life challenges.

Besides all that work and qualifications, get in touch with myself helped me to be able to touch another self.

Thomaz Lopes, BSc. (Hons) in Psychology,

MSc. Applied Behaviour Analysis, M.Ps.S.I.

Active Member of:

PSI - Psychological Society of Ireland.
CFP - Conselho Federal de Psicologia.

APA - American Psychological Association.


"Only who passed through the storm is able to open the ways towards the rainbow" 

Professional & Educational Background

My Projects


Psychological expat care is a professional partnership which the mission is to promote knowledge and support to Brazilian expatriates facing challenges and struggles living abroad.

Our objective is developing psychological service to support expats and contributing to scientific development in the field of Brazilian expatriation.



Organization dedicated to serve people who seek personal and professional development.

Superari seeks to exceed the expectations of those in demand, whether organizations or individuals, through professional and personal development actions, using practical strategies.

Mission: Empower people by promoting the continuous development and overcoming.

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