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5 myths about the "Blessed" Psychologists

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

There are many speculations about the Psychologist professionals.

Let's breaking five myths that the society put on those who are Psychologists and to who are your customer.

1- Stop to analyze me!

Let's start with that old story that Psychologist "read" people's minds and spend 24 hours of their day analyzing everything and everyone, this is a comical and absurd idea that any human being, regardless of their knowledge of the psyche human, may have about the other. Let us agree that in many professional situations they have insights (perceptions) on a certain behavior of those around them, but it doesn't mean they have the luxury to analyze this behavior.

2- You can not do this or that, you are a Psychologist!

A psychologist hasn't a manual which may or may not to do, it is obvious that there is a code of ethics and these rules are not very difficult for the good professional to follow, but it has absolutely nothing related to their behavior in their quotidian life.

3- You should not be like that, you should control your emotions!

Just because you studied five years of Psychology you should have killed all your feelings and become a blessed being human, overflowing serenity and never goes through moments of anguish, fear, anger or doubt. I believe that regardless of whether psychologist or not, there is a PERSON behind all knowledge, it feels like any other human being.

4- Aren't you sure? But how can you have so many doubts, being too confusing and complicated?

The simple fact of being Psychologist already makes the professional a subject to question their values, anyway healthier it is, it generates many conflicts that can take or not time to be solved, it shows that there is humanity, that makes the professional respect and understands each person without judging them, as also lives with their behavioral and emotional dramas, like everyone else, it is someone with a human soul who needs care.

5- What will you do at the psychologist? Talk to Daddy, Mommy, the neighbor, the parrot, the leader of the religion x, y, z because is the same.

Is it?

Okay, just answer me one thing: Are all of these free to judge you? Are these all around you ready to understand you without giving you some "advice"? Who has not insisted on giving, if you want, a pinch of opinion in your life? These questions answer about itself, and let's return to the question: Why not Psychologist treat relatives and friends? And there's your answer: Because if you already know someone, your judgment hardly ever will be neutral, because there is already a judgment about the person, in other words, it is not without preconception, for the professional who does not know you are instructed to do.

To conclude Psychologists have nothing special from the heaven, only a good professional knows that may help people but not get carried away by myths of belong an "aura" superior nonexistent.

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