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Are we controlled? The five controlling agencies and how to identify them.

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

To begin this discussion let's talk about some concepts. According to B.F Skinner, there are five controlling agencies (which has strong power on people's behaviour) that directly influence human's behaviour. It is defined by every action of the individual who is influenced and influences the environment they live in. This text is not intended to deal with theoretical terms, but to show if we are controlled, as the title already suggests. Through this brief overview, it can be understood about the influences generated by the controlling agencies. 1- Government and Law: It has the direct and coercive influence on the individual's behaviour, regardless of the structure of the hierarchy, either in an Indian tribe, whether in a big city. It shows who is the boss and what you can or cannot do. 2- Education: The way we are raised and educated, gives to us the separation between acceptable conduct, which are awarded (high grades and merits, for example), and what should be changed, which are punished (low grades for example). 3- Religion: Responsible for maintaining standards of "good conduct" and ensuring benefits for those who follow them. In many cases, the use of rules and judgments are seen as something acceptable to keep the good manners. 4- Economic: Influenced by the motivation of financial resources gains, always suggesting what is good or bad in a monetarily way. 5- Psychotherapy: Special single control agency, because it doesn't use coercion, punishment, and suggestions of behaviour maintained by fear or escaping something negative. This agency maintains feelings by psychic, physical and social gains. It is also important to highlight the general culture as able to camouflage the first four mentioned agencies and modified to maintain a determined population. Answering the question if we are controlled, it can be understood the counter-control theory, and how you can use it. The counter-control is defined as the class of behaviour that cause the face to control agencies in order to escape from them or modify them, seeking to make you take control of yourself without influences, which in the end turns out to allow a balance between control and counter-control limiting the abuse of power of the agencies, but getting to know about yourself and the culture you are in. as an example, a thought like: "I continue to be controlled but I am able to impose limits." It is concluded that it is possible to live in a controlled society, but the use of the counter-control, questioning and having the perception of bounds, must be indispensable for a healthy life.

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