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Homoaffectivity: a discussion of today

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

How far should we fight for our rights? In one point of view, there are support groups for LGBT cause for equality and respect, in another, there are religions that are emphatically against relationships of the same sex people. The media has currently placed towards the public, explicit images, texts, and reflexions about homosexual relationships, which has caused great fury to more conservative and focused people on the thought about the traditional relationship between man and woman. The fact to be discussed here should not be about what is right or wrong due to both sides have their arguments based on their lifestyles and behavior, but what should be discussed is the respect that both sides have not permitted to use. Exposure of opinion can indeed be said, but not as absolute truth, what is true for one is not always to the other, respect should be taken into account. Unfortunately, discussions has led to political wars in the media has taken advantage and destroyed the values ​​of both views, causing everyone to be stigmatized as promiscuous homosexuals or as religious fanatics, without taking into account that most of these groups do not fit these stigmas, because there are those who even with differing views respect each other regardless of different views. Is further emphasized, that there are many cases in which the concern should be directed to other matters. As an example, there are much worse things being exploited by the media, as betrayals being shown as something natural, murders in order to gain or prevent something, hate relationships, lack of character, among others, that the media has shown how acceptable it is and that there is no need for discussion. To be clear, you can think about specific cases, such as television programs that promote real disrespect to the human being. As another example, there are some novels that promote behaviors of power at all costs, regardless of any appreciation of the human being, where people do what they have to do to achieve what they want. A betrayal here and a carpet tug there are carried out and seen with such normality that the society does not discuss as something that should be analyzed and led to a discussion of values. On the other hand we see certain religious leaders propagating hatred on the basis of maintaining "the good" of the traditional family, with its violent and aggressive discourse about to dehumanize everyone who in his view is not a sexual behavior seen as normal, and not giving attention to other issues that hurt indeed the family, such as domestic assault, betrayals, and others that should be addressed with such force because it is fact devaluation the other. It is up to society to start worrying about what really hurts a conduct of respect for others, either on the part of homosexuals to respect religions related position, and even religious to respect the issues related to sexuality in general. Let's not talk here about acceptance or change beliefs, but respect, and begin to notice that there are things actually much more serious, that hurt and denigrate human relations in general, regardless of their sexuality.

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