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Aborted in adulthood

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Many things has been said about the abortion issue and to reflect on this issue we can turn to the meaning of the word itself. The word: abortion, comes from the verb to abort that means: to abandon, to pause, to stop, to thwart and among other verbs with that same connotation. In this way it can be mentioned some facts about adult life when people has been aborted in their lives. For parents: Parents who overprotect a child, preventing the progress about them to have their own experiences and discoveries across the life or those who with words frustrate the dreams and desires of their own. Very common in adulthood of the children are some parents that who still act in a suffocating way with their children that have some conduct that they considered unacceptable. This parent often tries to prevent their children from something that has not happened yet, interrupting them and no longer acceptable them. So what was suppose to be a relationship of love and respect ends up into an abortion, and more often preventing them from living their own experiences towards life and destroying brotherly love which in theory was supposed to be the highest intensity For children: Children who forget their parents that raised and helped them to a physical and psychological growth, and when move simply abandon this relationship and does not consider it anymore. Many children abort their relationship with their parents and usually It happens when the parents are elderly, there is lack of patience and affection, and it comes when the children outsource someone to looking after them, but without success also outsource the love that was once given without wanting anything else in return.

To friends: In many social relationships, the abortion happens for those who are closest to us. When an affinity relationship is broken. When there is a need of a shoulder to lean that never is available. When the timetables and the distance interrupts closer contacts. In all these cases occur the idea of ​​loss, even with lots of excuses that can be given, the relationship is frustrated by the lack of consideration and affection. For couples: Abortion of a couple can be in breach of trust or lack of time and caring 0r even the routine that in many cases thwarts what was supposed to be something like "until death do us part" or maintained by promises of love made in a brand new relationship. By contrast, the exacerbated caring and wishes to satisfy itself can be a problem if we realize someone's from the couple needy. Even considering that the couple must have their own peculiarities, it can cause an abortion in the relationship because of individualistic behavior.

It concludes that not only the abortion of the fetus in the mother's womb should be discussed, but abortion in our relationships with others must be considered nowadays.

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